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Coat Stand Fables

5 to 10

A show combining music and theatre without words, by Pierre Labbé.
A series of funny and poetical scenes

Prix Opus An 17



Along with other characters, we meet a surprising little Red Riding Hood, an absolutely incredible ogre, the very “astonishing and clownish” Lab Coat Brothers and their musical stretcher, a fisherman and… his lake, and the ticking of a clockface-man. Jazz, contemporary and circus music, theatre of objects and images, Coat Stand Fables is a show like no other: brilliant and highly imaginative.

Critical Acclaim

  • “Unidentified musical object! Wild, crazy, thundering, hilarious and seriously subtle, performances by the Sacré Tympan company raise the bar a notch for young ears, and it’s all the fault of Pierre Labbé, ever young at heart.”
    Aurore Lehmann, La Marelle magazine (Québec) 2012
  • “Faced with this jazzy magic, the spectators exclaim their wonder, ready to laugh at their fears and taken by surprise at any moment.”
    Marion Gerbier, Voir, 2011
  • “Les Fables de la patère is an original, highly imaginative piece. Short stories are told without words in
    brilliant, colourful fashion. 5e music is performed live, serving at times as the narrative structure, at other times as a character and consistently giving the performance a unique tone. With its zany characters, eclectic contexts and striking images, this is a sensational show!”
    Virginie Simard-Tozzi, Agente culturelle Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent, 2011


  • Aimed at 5 to 10 year olds
  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Max audience: 350


  • Pierre Labbé: acting, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute
  • Nicolas Letarte: acting, voice, percussion, hand-saw
  • Alexis Dumais: acting, voice, keyboards


  • Pierre Labbé: composer and stage director
  • Pierre Labbé, Alexis Dumais and Nicolas Letarte: musical arrangements
  • Paul Livernois: scet designer
  • Éric Poulin: lighting designer
  • Francis Monty: acting adviser
  • Julie Vallée-Léger: costume consultant
  • Éric Poulin: technical director and show control
  • Patrick Laroque: photography