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Pierre Labbé 4TET

Finalist for the 2010 Opus prize awarded by the Quebec Musical Council for its recording Manivelle, the quartet performs compositions by Pierre Labbé, which are rooted in jazz, but largely transcend the boundaries of that idiom.

Between often broad themes, we hear the guitar soaring unexpectedly, the drummer’s beat, the solid double-bass and lyrical flights of the saxophone.

Critical aclaim

  • “One thing is sure, Manivelle is a celebration of music, jazz and others, from the first to the last note.”
    Serge Truffault, Le Devoir, 2009
  • “This is one of those unrecognized gems that will take some time to fully absorb all of the fine points and intricate ideas buried within.”
    Downtown Music Gallery (États-Unis), 2009
  • “Structurally seductive, ambitious in the complexity of his compositions…”
    Revue & Corrigée (France), 2009
  • “This music draws from the third stream of free jazz blended with chamber music.”
    Review in Outsight (États-Unis), 2009


  • Pierre Labbé: baryton and soprano saxophones, flute
  • Bernard Falaise: electric guitar
  • Clinton Ryder: double bass
  • Isaiah Ceccarelli: drum