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In-house work composed for 50 musicians that allies big band textures with catchy grooves, warm strings, distorted guitars, melodious songs and unbridled improvisation.


“Recorded with twelve musicians and a composer (instead of the fifty announced initially), this strong metal shiver tells us a lot about a project that, recorded live, did not leave the audience unscathed. Saxophonist Pierre Labbé is no novice when it comes to composing for orchestra and fusing styles. But this recent “quake” reveals a lot more than a simple talent for upsetting aesthetical norms. Far from narcissistically listening to themselves play and composing for themselves, the musicians share their art and emotions (in jazz, in contemporary classical music, funk, rock or folk), with a conscious respect for the musical material they are using. This record is a model of plasticity and of narrative feeling.” Tremblement de fer – Lorraine Soliman, Jazz Magazine (France).

Critical aclaim

  • “A model of versatility and sense of narration.”
    Lorraine Soliman, Jazz Magazine (France), 2011
  • “Makes Richter quake on his scale!”
    Stanley Péan, Radio-Canada, 2010
  • “The least that can be said is that the inventiveness of this music will leave lasting traces.”
    Alain Brunet, La Presse, 2011
  • “In a nutshell, Labbé awakens and sharpens the inquisitive parts of our mind. And that is tremendous!”
    Serge Truffault, Le Devoir, 2010


  • Pierre Labbé, composition and direction
  • André Leroux, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet
  • Jean Derome, alto and baryton saxophones, C and bass flutes
  • Aaron Doyle, trumpet
  • Jean-Nicolas Trottier, trombone
  • Josiane Laberge, violin
  • Mélanie de Bonville, violin
  • Jean René, viola
  • Émilie Girard-Charest, cello
  • Bernard Falaise, electric guitar
  • Guillaume Dostaler, electric keyboard
  • Clinton Ryder, double bass
  • Pierre Tanguay, drum, derbuka