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Ad Libs and Fibs

Hybridization and freedom from norms are the central features of the new A Hell of a meeting series launched by Sacré Tympan this season.


See the birth of the show with Patrick La Roque

Creative process in pictures



“Out with orthodoxy!” is what Pierre Labbé and Michel Faubert must have thought when they put “Ad lib and fibs” (parlures et parjures) together. This mutant show spreads its tentacles a long way, swallowing up tales, today’s music, folk, jazz, rock and contemporary music. No wallowing in nostalgia here. Popular tunes, foot-tapping, baroque dance or sung laments are drawn from history to better express a wry view of the world as it is.


  • Michel Faubert: storry-telling and singing
  • Pierre Labbé: composition, saxophones and electronics
  • Bernard Falaise: electric guitar
  • Pierre Tanguay: percussions


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Photo credit: Patrick La Roque

About A Hell of a meeting

Designed to experiment with artistic shocks, A Hell of a meeting (Sacrée Rencontre!) aim to create inventive sparks around a particular guest, be it a musician, a story-teller, a dancer, a painter, a stage director, an actor, a chef or a comic strip writer. These musical encounters will be an opportunity to invest new artistic fields in the spirit of a building site in turmoil where everything is possible. The first date is set with the story-teller and singer Michel Faubert.